Friday, August 15, 2014

The Eggington Post 31st Edition

Welcome Everyone and Good Friday Morning to you! We have some beautiful egg photos this week in spite of all the pesky molting that starts at this time of year. But seriously, our ladies do need this time to loose old feathers and grow new ones.  Make sure your ladies are getting plenty of protein and calcium.  And try not to pick them up or touch them when their pin feathers began to come back in as that is painful for them to be handled.  Watch for my next blog post on molting next week!

With that said, CONGRATULTIONS go out to Lara Mastro, this week's winner of a pair of Fowl Stuff Nest Boxes!  (All winners are chosen by
Fowl Stuff Nest Boxes

Lara Mastro, this week's winner, from Ned Hens got this tiny little wind egg this week
Angie Blake got her first duck egg this week!

Christine Armbrust caught her Beatrice in the act!  That's a freshly laid egg!

Debbie Drennon says this is her 25 cent bargain basket.  I think she's getting her money's worth out it!

Eva Hargrave tells many of her gals are molting but she shared these few on that adorable table runner with Ball jars from Tracey's Place on Facebook!  That little egg cup is adorable, too!

Imelda Torres is showing us her "eggs & maters" fresh from the garden & coop
(above & below)

Jane Boone joined the New Layers Club this week with these three beauties from her ladies!

Look at this basket!  I love the color palette of these eggs. Such a pretty picture
 from Kristen Guerrette

Now there's trick and it happened on the same day!  A two for double yoker and a yolkless all at once from Sandy Scofield.

I think Stefanie Robinson has Fall Fever, look at how those "gifts from her girls" and the
Fall flowers look so pretty together!

Vicki Lacey couldn't find her egg photos but says she found this one which is an end result of eggs. Look at those pretty little chicks!
To all of you who participated in this week's 31st edition of the Eggington Post, thank you!  I know we get "slim-pickin's" this time of year with eggs when molt begins.  Hopefully, we'll have enough new layers from spring chicks that we can still get our weekly egg fix here in the Post.  

I also got some "new eggs" this week when I got three new grown hens and a duck!  Silver laid a beautiful, huge mint green egg (below) yesterday and Contessa laid a pinkish brown for me and both on their first day here!

Silver's first egg for me

Next week's giveaway winner will receive Hot Cake, Cackleberry Nuggets & a Forage Cake, all from Resolve Sustainable Solutions!  Yummy, healthy treats for your flock to enjoy!  My flock loves them.  AND... if you take photos of your flock enjoying these treats and send them to me they will be used for advertising by RSS!  Make sure to tune in next week for 32 edition of The Eggington Post!
Chicken treats from Resolve Sustainable Solutions

Have a great week!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cook Book Fundraiser for Rescue Chickens

Please take the following survey regarding a cook book fundraiser for rescue chickens by Gardens & Chickens & Worms, Oh My! AND you!  

Your opinion and participation would be vital to making this work. At this point, it is only in the consideration stage to see if it would be a worth while endeavor.  Thank you for your input!

Survey for Cook Book Fundraiser for Rescue Chickens

The Eggington Post 30th Edition

Here we are in August and the year is zipping right by!  We all have a lot of new hens starting to lay making chicken-keeping so eggsciting! This is no eggception!  There are so many beautiful egg photos for this week's Eggington Post.  To each and everyone of you, thank you for making the Eggington Post an eggceptional "publication"!  

This week we announced our new sponsor, Windy Willow Homestead.  Nicole's baskets and soaps are gorgeous.  The lucky winner this week is: Annette Sanchez!  Congratulations, Annette, please PM your address so we can get your basket and soap right out to you!  (All winners are chosen by Make sure to click on the photo below and visit Windy Willow Homstead's website for more beautiful baskets and soaps!

Windy Willow Homestead small egg basket & Eggscellent Hawaiian Ginger Soap 

Annette Sanchez framed her beauty of an egg
Congrats Annette! 

Amy Dohmen found a little something extra in the nest box this week.  A "recycled" tulip bulb!

Angie Blake gathered a basketful this week.  What beautiful colors!

Ashley Humphrey-Brinker found a whopper this week.  She thinks the gal
that laid this must be limping!  I agree!

Caitlyn Ralston says she loves her speckled eggs.  That's quite the
artwork, don't you think?

Carolyn McKeown shared her little girl, Emily, holding Cordelia, Ophelia & Nugget's eggs. She wants to know if we know which chicken her kids named? 

Debbie Drennon had some of her ladies join the New Layer's Club this week.  Isn't this a terrific photo?

Eva Hargrave shared her chicken & duck eggs.  The one duck egg in front of the scale weighs as much as the two on the scale!  

What a colorful bunch of eggs!  Frank Hodges has 18 breeds and over 70 chickens! 

Imelda Torres did a lot of egg gathering this week and these four photos prove it!
Looks like she "harvested" some other goodies, too.

Imelda Torres

Imelda Torres

Imelda Torres

Kristen Guerrette has a two lovely baskets of eggs above and below.  It's no wonder, she took 14 dozen to the feed store. Her husband says she needs Egg Intervention.

Lara Mastro from Ned Hens calls this delicious meal "The Egg & I." (above)  Who's hungry?  Lara I need that recipe! Her photo (below) is of a "chick" her son brought on vacation. Someone's having chicken withdrawals!

 Lindsay Lang shares her multi-color treasures.  We agreed they are almost too pretty to eat sometimes! And look at that beauties in the nest below! 
I have egg fascination!  Do you?

Sandy Scofield told me her Silkie laid the large egg and her Jersey Giant laid the small one! Uhhhhmmm...ladies are you mixed up on who lays what?

What a great bunch of photos for "The Post"  this week!  To all you who participated thank you!  For those of you who are "Post Lurking"  come on! Send in your egg photos!  All of us eggaholics need our weekly fix!  

Make to send in photos for next week's 31st Edition and be entered to win a pair of Fowl Stuff Nest Boxes!  These are great nest boxes and even if you have all the nest boxes you need and extra two never hurts.  You never know you might need them for a broody hen or chicken math might strike!  Send in those eggscellent photos!

See you again next week for my eggscellent photos in The Eggington Post!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Are They Feeling the Heat? Cool Their Feet!

We get blazing hot summers here in Central California.  Even in the mountains we go over 100F.  I'm not the first to talk about ways to keep your flock cool, there are many ways.  The important thing to remember is to do these things. Our chickens, and other animals, don't have the convenience of air conditioning. Chickens can die from heat stroke very easy.  Put weather in the 90's coupled with no shade, no water and no relief and you have a sure way to lose members of your flock and/or see a huge decrease in egg laying.
Chrysanthemum panting in the heat

I found a lot of ways to keep my flock cool.  Cool or frozen treats consisting of fruit and veggies, misters, frozen bottles and jugs of water for them lay against, ice or frozen water bottles in their water containers and so on.  This year, I got a little frustrated with some of the flock because nothing I did seem to really help them especially the darker feathered birds.

So much for the dust bath
I had made a dust bath from a kiddie pool earlier in the year for my Golden girls, Mildred, Mabel & Pearl, to try to encourage them to not to make holes by the gate of their run. (So I don't end up spraining an ankle or breaking a leg) They didn't read the memo and still chose to dust bathe right in front of the gate instead of their kiddie pool full of clean, pristine sand. 

Rose watching while Violet reaches for treats
So when the Flower Girls and the Spice Girls were panting like crazy in spite of my best efforts, I decided to try using the kiddie pool with water as intended. I emptied the sand, washed it out and put in over in my first run.  I ran about a 1/2" of water in it.  Knowing these stubborn but hot chickens would not voluntarily go in the pool.  I went to my freezer and got out some frozen corn, peas and fruit. I sat out in the run with them for awhile and would throw some corn and grapes (their absolute favorites) around the edge of the pool to get them to fish for the cool goodies,  Of course this also facilitates them drinking more water which is great.   Then when they were more comfortable around the pool, I started putting their treats in the middle where they could not just reach over the edge and get them.
Chrysanthemum takes the plunge

There was a lot of straining to get to the goodies.  Then a few of the braver gals, Chrysanthemum, Violet and Rose decided to try sitting on the side to see if that helped their reach. It did. Chrysanthemum eventually fell in and I got a bath along with the rest of the chickens as she flapped and jumped and sent water flying. Nevertheless that did not deter her, she kept coming back and trying again.  
Paprika straining to get corn

Finally, I picked up Chyrs and Violet one at a time, put their feet in the water which was cold from frozen treats and held them until they calmed down. Once they realized they were not going to drown in a half inch of water they realized the fruit and veggies were ripe for the picking (pun intended) with no competition at present.  
Chrys, Cinnamon, Paprika, Vanilla & Ginger
The other girls and Cinnamon were watching closely. Anyone who thinks chickens are dumb hasn't been around them when feeding time comes.  They watch, they learn and they darn sure don't forget. Cinnamon even did a little tidbitting for the shyer girls (lower on the pecking order) which is the sweetest to watch.  Oh and don't despair about the rest of my flock, the Golden Girls, Alice & and the Hollywood Divas had cold treats of their own to enjoy.
Violet & Chrys, the leader's of the pack

Chickens cool themselves by panting, taking dust baths in cool sand and drinking cool water.  Chickens, unlike humans, do not sweat but they can release heat from their combs, wattles and feet.  Obviously, they are not ducks and while I've seen photos on Facebook of "swimming chickens" not all chickens will get in water.  However, if you can get them to stand in cool water and get their feet cooled off this helps tremendously on hot summer days.  

I decided that night to freeze some fruit and veggies in a muffin tin and make a frozen veggie and fruit bundt ice cake.  
Frozen fruit muffins and a veggie bundt cake
The next day I put the pool back in the run, put in the 1/2" of water and placed the floating "muffins" and bundt cake in the pool.  I sat back and watched.  Chickens are curious animals, cats have nothing on them.  They were soon straining to reach over the side and then sitting on the side and then falling in and fluttering out (I sat further away this time) and finally, Chyrs and Cinnamon got in which caused the chicken snatch and run game to commence and I had a parade of chickens in and out of the
Making frozen mint & strawberry muffins
pool.  The panting stopped and everyone had cool feet and frozen treats in their crop.  Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh..."summertime and the living is easy..."  well at least for the chickens.

An additional thought on cooling their feet, if you don't have a kiddie pool go to discount or dollar store and get some of their huge plant trays and put water and treats in it or flood a large  area your flock can walk through, preferably in the shade, and throw the frozen treats in the middle. 

Cinnamon & Chrys are checking out the bundt
cake while Ginger & Rose aren't sure
about this floating treat
One last thing, you can use old fruit & veggies, not rotten ones. I watch for sales on frozen fruit and veggies then stock up on them in my freezer.  I also use cut up zucchini from my garden when I have an overabundance or one escapes my notice until it becomes a baseball bat. Not all chickens will try everything so offer a variety of things to your flock to keep them cool while the summer sun continues to blaze. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Eggington Post 29th Edition

What a record week for The Eggington Post!  I am so thrilled that so many people are participating.  Thank you to each and every one of the fans that follow both my Facebook page and my blog.  You make me smile everyday!

You won't believe all the beautiful egg photos this week.  Linda Jensen made the comment on GCW's Facebook page that "no two (eggs) are alike."  How true is that? It's like a gift everyday.  So here we go and THANK YOU!

This week's winner of the jar of honey and 1/2 dozen eggs from Sweet Pea Farm is:  CINDY ULTICAN (please note: winner's are chosen by if I somehow miss your contribution to The Eggington Post, it is not intentional and I sincerely apologize.  Please let me know and I will include it in the following week.)  Cindy please private message me your address so we can get your eggs & honey right out to you!
Sweet Pea Farm Honey & Eggs

Cindy Ultican got this sweet little egg on her new hen's first try

Alan Thomas shared these two egg photos from his ladies.
The little one is the first one his ladies ever laid. (Above & Below)

Angie Blake had a "first" egg from her Australorps this week! Congrats!

Barbara Nichols shows her "harvest" this week.  Yummy on both counts, love tomatoes and love eggs!  

Breette Gilmore has dozens and dozens this week and look below, looks like
there may be a double yoker on deck.

Christi Stout shared her bounty from this week and look at that pretty basket!

Christi Armbrust shares her "bowl of goodness" above and the
angel food cake she made her husband with those delicious eggs below

Debbie Drennon collected these colorful beauties in a galvanized bucket.  I love
galvanized anything but these eggs look extra pretty in this bucket.

Doug & Debbie Frederick shared this gorgeous dozen from their 8 month old hens

Eva Hargrave shared these pretty eggs from her pretty ladies

Imelda Torres shows off her basket of eggs in her fairy vegetable garden.
That is too cute!

Jari O'Connor received her very first egg from hen, Sophia.
I think it holds its own by these Faberge' eggs, don't you?

Janet Scott has the prettiest speckled egg (above) and her girls are
filling a carton nicely (below)

Jason Rains has dozens of eggs (below), his ladies have been busy but look what else
hatched out this week. (above) Baby chicks are just the cutest.

Kristen Guerrette gathered quite a clutch this week too (above) and
she has a different basket for everyday of the week! (below)

Add caption

Laura McDaniel-Kirby has quite the "deviled" eggs complete with hen company

Leah Norton shared pretty eggs and pretty flowers.  Leah, that could be my Chrysanthemum (OE) in the background.
Paul Adams got this new and different first egg, it's so tiny!

Peggy Mills has a new layer this week, too.  I love the above photo!  Two of my favorite things
eggs & flowers.

Peggy Mills also shared her dozen (above) and the hardworking team that laid them below.
Add caption

This little lady, Irelyn, is Rea Chatham's daughter.  She models with eggs so prettily.
What a cutie!

Rhonda Smith sent in this very elegant bowl of eggs.  I think I'm an eggaholic, how about you?

Tracy Clark's hens gifted her with their first eggs this week.  It's just Christmas everyday straight from the coop!

Venetian Blindsyder shares her chicken Lemon Pepper,  Lemon Pepper laid
the larger egg below and apparently inspired a new pullet to become a hen with
the little egg next to it.  Are those nest box curtains the bomb, or what?  Love them!

Wendy Hernandez' 3 year old is excited to show Mom their new layer's eggs.
And lastly, three beauties from my new mystery layer(s) this week!  Thank you girls,
and please, reveal yourselves to me.
Wow! What an eggsciting, record-breaking week for The Eggington Post!  I really do think I'm an eggaholic, are you?  So many great photos of so many gorgeous eggs!  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful contributions!

Now you are going to want to send in photos for next week's 30th Edition of The Eggington Post because I am thrilled to announce a new sponsor, Windy Willow Homestead!  Nicole see of Windy Willow Homestead creates beautiful handmade coiled fabric baskets, cold process soaps, wax melts & other handmade products.  This week Windy Willow Homestead is sponsoring a lovely egg basket & soap giveaway (below).  So start getting in all your egg photos so you are entered to win next week's Eggington Post giveaway!  And don't miss Windy Willow Homestead on Facebook!

Windy Willow Homestead 
See you next week, same time, same egg channel for the 30th Edition of The Eggington Post!